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Google Text Ads That Stand Out In A Crowd

Google Text Ads is the most popular ad types among advertisers on Google Adwords. As a new advertiser I created and run only text ads for 4 years. My first display ad campaign got live Read more…

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Master Google Adwords – Learn Adwords Search Ads Best Practices for Text Ads

Before I start the topic – Master Google Adwords : Adwords Best Practices for Search Ads- here is a disclaimer: This article has been written to study the Search Ads Practices  in India and to explain Read more…

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Who is Violating Destination Mismatch Policy of Google AdWords™? – Adwords, Flipkart or an Affiliate Site

Destination Mismatch is a violation of Google Adwords policies. There are so many such policies which we, as Adwords Professionals, must abide by. Destination Mismatch is one of them. Destination Mismatch Policy of Google Adwords Read more…