Backlinko analyzed 1 million Google search results to study search engine ranking factors. Here’s an Infographic “Positions on SERP : Facts and Factors” on what they learned about SEO. If we follow this religiously as a guide, it may be an SEO relearning process…

SEO is mostly a mysterious marketing maneuver to get unpaid traffic to a website.

SEO professionals try to manipulate search engine ranking factors within the limits of told-untold ethical and lawful rules set by search engines.

Here I am intentionally leaving out the negative meaning of “to manipulate”, but the world keeps loving the bad boys of SEO. They are ofcourse given a name i.e. Black-hat SEO.

In between Black-hat and white- hat SEO, there is a vast landscape of grey-hat SEO which shares very thin border lines with its two neighbours. Grey hat SEO seems to use loopholes of permissible search engine optimization techniques. But it can be due to frequent changes in the norms by the major search engines.

In spite of all talks about white-hat, gray-hat and black-hat SEO techniques, Search Engine Optimization is the most preferable Internet Marketing Technique. Because it is about applying techniques to bring your website on top of search engine result page. Studies have shown that the top positions on SERP gets the lion’s share of click-throughs.

Referring Chitika study, Debajyoti Das in Shoutmeloud tells us that the 1st position receives 35% of clicks, the second, 17% and the third 12%. Percentage of traffic from First page of Google SERP is a whopping 91.5%.

And this traffic is organic. Organic here means you are not paying the Search Engine to show your link in the result, it is the natural positioning of your website for a search.

This shows that your website has full of content which are high quality, topically relevant and loved by previous searchers.

In such a scenario, we all internet marketing professionals try to gain knowledge of accepted search engine optimization techniques.

The main source of SEO knowledge is publications by Google and other search engines. We should also read Industry Blogs regularly.

I believe the best learning resources are blogs owned by the bona fide search engine experts. They provide in-depth analysis, strategic guides and practical information on the SEO best practices.

I have 3 months back published a curated article on SEO 2016 predictions here. That can be a good resource to read and think over the future of SEO.

But I was also eager to know which SEO factors are working to gain top search ranking in Google and other search engines.

My search ended about 1 month back. I read a post by Brian Dean on Backlinko titled “We Analyzed 1 Million Google Search Results. Here’s What We Learned About SEO”.

This is a very comprehensive and authentic post. It is backed by the study of 1,000,000 search results on Google. So I decided to make an infographic listing all the findings for ready reference for SEO professionals, students of Search Engine Marketing and for Businessmen who want to understand SEO.

In fact, I just wanted to save the main points for my quick read whenever I might need. But I felt an infographic published online is better that a quick read page in any folder in some drive on someone’s (mine) laptop. So here is the infographic for you who is sure interested in Search Engine Optimization and factors of Search Engine Ranking.

Search Engine Ranking Factors Infographic

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Sole Credit for this infographic and the article itself goes to Brian Dean. Backlinko is, for me and many, synonymous to the SEO – unconventional and interesting. You should read the original article

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