Google Text Ads is the most popular ad types among advertisers on Google Adwords. As a new advertiser I created and run only text ads for 4 years. My first display ad campaign got live in 5th year of my Adwords journey.

Rightly so!

Because a searcher is actively searching for solution you provide. He is more likely to convert because he is at the final stage of a buyer’s journey. So it is easier to target and acquire such customers.

And it is a lot easier for me to create text ads than rich media ads.

A Google Text Ads is a combination of some words and a few links to your website.

You can choose the keywords, write text ads and submit to Adwords for approval. When approved, they will start appearing on Google Search.

It is also easier to modify text ads if needed.

So you agree with me that google text ads are easy to create, very effective to advertise your products or services and can bring new and qualified customers.

But there is a problem. When one searcher makes a search, google can shows 8 ads on one page- 4 ads before organic results and 4 ads after them.

So the searcher has many options to click. Generally the ad no. 1 gets the most number of clicks but other ads also get clicks. There are many factors which decide the position of an ad which include the bid, the quality of the ads, the historical performance et cetera, et cetera.

The battle is not lost even if your ads are not able to be on top position generally. Ads on other positions do get a handsome number of clicks.

So now the question is – how to create a google text ad that stands out in a crowd and which compels a viewer to click on.

Here I am going to put 1 Slideshare presentation “Create Google Text Ads That Stand out In a Crowd”. You may also want to see some examples of ads which convince a viewer to click on them. So I have include 15 ads of different advertisers.

Let me now explain these 11 points in some details:

Don’t Ask Question, Tell the Solution

Simple. The searcher wants a solution of his problem. So be direct and tell how you can help him.

ask questions in google search ads

In this ad, you are targeting a person who needs SEO service from an expert. So in spite of asking “Need a SEO Expert Now?” the advertiser could write “Hire a SEO Expert Now” and it will complement the other statement “1030+ SEO Experts Are Online”.

There is scarcity of available space, so you should display that you know what a searcher needs and that you are capable of fulfilling his need.

Add USP of Your Offer in Headline

The headline of an ad is the most prominent element and the viewer sees it in the first sight. So if you add your offer’s Unique Selling Point (USP) in it, this makes your ads more compelling. If the ad headline can caption the viewer’s attention, he will definitely read the description of the ad.

add usp in text ad headline

This ad is not one of the best creation in my view because it misses many other element which I will explain below.

But the headline is good. It not only tells me that to plant & gift a tree online but also confirms – “We nurture them for you”. This is the unique selling point of

I do not plant a tree because I am not sure how I going to nurture them. provides the solution that they will not only Plant a Tree but will take care of the planted tree on my behalf.

Include Keyword in the Headline

It is a normal practice to include the keyword in the headline. If the keyword is in the beginning of the headline, it is more effective. You should keep in mind that if the solution of a problem is told at the first instance, it attracts the viewer.

Include Keyword in Display URL

Display URL is positioned just below the title of the ad. It starts with the domain url of the landing page by default. Then there are 2 sections of 15 characters which you can use as you want. So these are the place where you can put the main keyword. Customizing the URL is a best practice. It ensures the viewer what he will find on clicking the ad.

add location in title and display URL

In the above ad, the advertiser has included the main keyword in the start of headline and also in the display URL i.e. hire accountants in Delhi. It increases the relevancy of the ads in respect of the keyword in view of the searched and also the Adwords system.

Add City/Place in Ad Texts

It is better to be transparent when writing ads. Because you don’t want irrelevant clicks on your ads. It costs.

You are providing a service or product in a particular area, mention it in the ad copy. It is better if you can add the place in the headlines because it is the most prominent and influential element of a text ad.

Putting a location name in the ad copy also helps when people are making a search with the location.

In the above image, the advertiser has put the location Delhi in the first headline and the display URL. So it is obvious they are providing Accounts in Delhi.

Add Call to Action, Tell Viewer What to Do

Guiding the searcher to take a specific action is a good practice when writing ads. This is known as Call-to-Action or CTA.

add call to action CTA in ad texts

In this ad, the advertiser is suggesting to just “Give A Missed Call”. Similarly you can write “Call Now”, “Submit Your Query”, “Download Ebook” etc.

Use Numerical Values and Special Characters

Numbers and characters draw attentions of searchers. You may add the price of a product or percentage of discounts or you can add launching date or end date of an offer. You can also add a countdown timer. It makes your ads more transparent and eye catching.

numerical value & special characters

Above ad is a good example of use of numerical and special characters. Just keep in mind that the use should be relevant and essential part of the ad. You should not overdo this. Repetition of special characters is not permissible.

Add Price And / Or Discount 

I have said it before. This is a good practice if you can show the competitive price. It can be added anywhere in the ad copies but the headlines is the most preferable place for me.

add price or discounts in text ads

Ad Call Extension. Don’t Put Contact Number in Ad Text

You want to put your contact number in every ad. And many do so. But Adwords strictly forbids to write your number in ad text.

It provides an extension for adding contact number – call extension. The number is shown just beside the display URL on desktop, tablets and mobile. The contact number is a clickable link on mobile devices; sometime the number take form of a button. People can click the number or the button to make a call.

call and location extn

See the number just below the title with the display URL.

I love ad extensions because 1) they add extra text to ad and 2) if I have to change content, the ads don’t go to review.

Use Location Extension. Create Google Business Page.

In the above image, you can see a address in the last line. This is location of the business which is fetched from its Google Business Page. It is called a location extension.

In a Google Business Page, you provide details like business name, business address and contact details, the business hours and days.

Adwords can fetch all these details as it thinks necessary if you activate the location extension.

Use Ad extensions Callout, Sitelinks, Structure Data, Price etc. As Much As You Can.

As I said above I love ad extensions because

  1. They add extra texts to the ads. Actually they add extra lines and make your ads bigger and more prominent.
  2. If you have to change some words or digits, the ads don’t go to review again and keep running as usual.

There are many ad extension available in Adwords. You can add bulleted text, links of other pages of your site, types of services, products etc and prices. You can read more about the ad extensions in this section of my article Master Google Adwords.

ad extensions in google adwords

See the image above. You can view 4 different ad extensions. In normal case the ad has only 3 lines. These ad extensions have increased the size three folds. Generally this ad will be on first position if the advertiser makes a sufficient bid. Even if the ad is shown on lower position, it will be more prominent and will get more clicks because of its size and it prominence.


Search ads is most popular ad type in Google Adwords because the people who are searching for your products or services are at the last stage of customer journey. SO they are the most valuable and qualified prospects.

You can find many advance articles on Google Adwords. They talk about strategies, settings and reports analysis. Those are very insightful piece of contents. You must regularly read them.

This article is nowhere near them. But it is very useful. Useful for everyone.


We forget that the first point of contact between a business and a prospect is the ads. If an ad can not convince a searcher to click, every other strategies, settings are useless.

So your priority should always be the content and structure of your text ads. Make sexy ads which can attract views of the searchers and convince them to click on them.

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