I am Neeraj Kumar, a digital marketing consultant  based in Faridabad, NCR Delhi with my 5+ years’ knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Inbound by Hubspot™.

I help Small & Medium Businesses to Start, Implement and Analyze Digital Marketing Plan for their business. My main focus remains on providing Personalized & Professional Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising which is affordable to SMEs.

I work as a digital marketing specialist, too, for LiD Travel, a delhi based travel organiser.


As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I have been working for more than 5 years in the area of

  • Google Adwords,
  • Facebook Advertising,
  • Social Media and
  • Search Engine Optimization.

Since April 2015, I commenced on the journey as a digital marketing consultant and started providing affordable and personalized SEO, SMO and PPC solutions to small and medium businesses.

Journey towards an Digital Marketing Professional

Neeraj Kumar Internet Marketer

My journey from Neeraj Kumar to Kumar Neeraj Kayastha (knkayastha derived from this) is of almost 10 years old. Introduced to email in 2001, my curiosity towards the modalities and technicalities of Internet started to increase day by day.

I created  Neeraj-Hriday (Lotus Heart of a Hindi Poet), a blog of Short Hindi Poems  on Blogger and did all of nuisances for Designing, Editing the html codes, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Social Media Promotions to make my blog popular.

In short span of time, I learnt the basics of Digital Marketing and made my blog, strengthened my online relationship with Hindi bloggers on Facebook, Orkut and LinkedIn.

Because there was no availability of my name Neeraj or Neeraj Kumar on any email or other forums, I started to write my name as KNKAYASTHA, the short form of Kumar Neeraj Kayastha, created all email ids and social media profiles as knkayastha. This way I have done my personal branding as KNKAYASTHA. Then with the intent to establish my unique identity on Internet as knkayastha in online world, I tried many different theories and methods published by several veterans. What I learned in all these years are from reading tips and tricks of website optimization and online marketing on Internet.

Then I got an invitation to manage social media of Corporate Professionals, South Extension, New Delhi. Thus my career shifted from a Textile Engineer to an Digital Marketing Professional. Being a fast learner I managed to learn a lot in the course of time. I had been working for 3 years as Strategist- Social Media for that Corporate Consultancy Firm in New Delhi, India. Besides managing Social Media, I also advised the in-house IT team on Search Engine Marketing. I was also coordinating with various Internet Marketing Consultancy firms such as PensaMedia, IndiaBizSource etc.

I joined Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), New Delhi to fine-tune my knowledge of internet marketing and successfully completed Advance Digital Marketing Course of DSIM. I got Certifications of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Then I studied Inbound Marketing of Hubspot Academy and got certified in the first attempt.

My Mission to help all with Total Website Marketing Planning


KNKAYASTHA iADVERTISING is my dream concept for providing Total Internet Advertising Solutions to Small Businesses. Through this initiative, I aim to introduce Total Website Marketing to business owners or professionals with limited resources through affordable website management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Planning, Online Advertisement.

I am determined to be the digital marketing consultant who guide small businesses with planning a website in a proper way, make an affordable wordpress website and promote that a Business Generating Asset with Optimized use of Social Media and Online Advertising.

As I am confident enough of my capabilities to turn passive contents on websites and blogs into searchable, findable and shareable topics, I have also decided to help people like-me-10-years-ago in learning and making an Online Identity.

Besides working as an Internet Marketing Consultant, I have also created a Internet Marketing Blog on the same knkayastha.in. I want every business in India know the basics and believe on Internet Marketing Methods. That no Internet Marketing Consultant can cheat or dupe them of their hard earned money. I want that the online marketing community be aware of changes and updates of the rules of Internet Marketing.

So I can proudly say that Neeraj Kumar is a self-made Internet Marketing Professional. I am addicted to social media platforms, I am a blogger, and I am a Hindi poet by hobby and a social thinker.