I am starting with some facts on Future of Video Marketing by Content Samurai :

  • By 2017 over 70% of ALL web traffic will come from video
  • Videos posted in Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image based content
  • And YouTube now reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than ANY cable network and it’s accelerating fast.

The search engines are favoring videos in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form.

VIDEO is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online.

Here are 3 Videos which are viral on YouTube:

1. Animal Sounds Video For Kids | Animal Finger Family Songs | Old Mcdonald And More Nursery Rhymes

Published on 8th December 2015 | Views 12,826,773 | Likes 11,837

2. cricket’s worst umpiring – cricket umpire fails – players shocking reactions

Published on 13 Nov 2016 | Views 4,260,965 (1 week) | Likes 3,257

3. OK Go – The One Moment 

Published on Nov 23, 2016 | Views 130000 | Comments 99000 | Share 183k

These are amazing numbers. But how the marketers are doing this! No body will tell you generally.

I have found a ebook “Basics of Video Marketing” which is very simple but covers all the facets of video marketing. Anything which is online must be shared with other people. So I am sharing this with you below (CLICK THE IMAGE):

The Basics of Video Marketing

Excerpt here:

The Case for Online Video Marketing

If you haven’t begun online video marketing, you are missing an opportunity to grow your business. If you have begun to make online videos but have yet to fully commit to the concept listen to these five reasons for taking the plunge.

#1 Everyone you want to reach is watching videos online

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Only Google itself ranks higher. Over 4 billion videos are watched every day. Nearly three quarters of all the people in the US watch at least one video a week. That is deep market penetration.

#2 Every business is already in the game

Eight out of ten major marketing firms are using online videos as part of their featured campaigns. Online video is how the world of advertising works now.

#3 It’s easy to find content on YouTube

Consumers search for videos. When a potential customer is in the market for a product they look for an online informational video. YouTube and sites like it are the primary mode for people to seek information on products they are interested in.

#4 Videos Connect with People

Videos are visual. They can communicate more than just data. Viewers have an emotional connection to them because a video can make people laugh or cry and sometimes both. They are informative and habit forming. Videos can help your product establish a bond with its users. Videos are hard to ignore because they are entertainment. They hold attention longer and more intensely than the written word.

#5 A Viewer Is Always A Tap Of The Screen Away From Making A Purchase.

When you read an article or see an ad on TV you cannot make the purchase right away. With online marketing you are only a click away from the sales page. You can buy right now. Your device is a point of sale. This convenience leads to a sky high views to conversion rate.

The benefits are obvious. It is time for you to start creating your own videos and grab the sales that are waiting for you.


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