Destination Mismatch is a violation of Google Adwords policies. There are so many such policies which we, as Adwords Professionals, must abide by. Destination Mismatch is one of them.

Destination Mismatch Policy of Google Adwords Screenshot

Here is a screenshot from the

It clearly states that the Display URL in the ad and the Final URL must be on the same domain. We cannot show as display url and take the visitor to

It also says that we cannot redirect a visitor to a webpage which is not on the same domain.

It also says that we cannot redirect the final URL to another website.

destination mismatch policy of Google Adwords

If you want to understand what I am going to tell, you must read the content of this screenshot.

I am an Adwords Consultant and doing some research for an Article on Google Adwords Mastery. So I am making many searches with different keywords and studying the ads.

Today I was doing searches for ‘men’s clothing’ with different search terms.

I saw something unusual.

Utter violation of this destination mismatch policy.

I searched “clothes for men”. As usual there were shopping ads, text ads, organic results and again text ads. Here was an ad at the bottom. See this screenshot:

buy mens clothing ads by

Look at ‘Buy Mens Clothing @Best Price’ ad by

The ad “Buy Mens Clothing @Best Price – Upto 60% Off –” has display url and the final URL is also from the same domain.

I hoped that this is a new ecommerce site.

So I clicked it.

But WTF!

I landed on – Men’s Clothing Online Store.

I thought that I clicked the wrong ad and pressed back arrow.

Now I opened the link in new tab.

I again saw – – redirecting to –

How it is possible?

Does Google AdWords allow this? I am sure – NO.

Is Flipkart doing this? I think they won’t do such things.

So it is the team of site.

The question is how the ad was not disapproved?

Or, Google does give some advertisers out of the way facilities!

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