Understand e-Marketing to believe in e-Marketing

Basic Understanding of Internet Marketing Helps Business Owners to Decide KPI (Key Performance Indicator). Knowledge and Information of e-Marketing Processes Helps Them SELECT best Professionals or Agencies for a Project.

List of Internet Marketing Companies

Here is a growing list of Indian Internet Marketing Companies. The idea of this page is to provide proper information of Internet Marketing Companies  at one place including a brief introduction, major services, address and contact no. and social media links.

11 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Backlinko analyzed 1 million Google search results to study search engine ranking factors. Here’s an Infographic "Positions on SERP : Facts and Factors"  on what they learned about SEO. If we follow religiously this as a guide, it may be a SEO relearning process…

Rank Your Videos In Youtube

I’ve just come across this awesome YouTube SEO Cheat Sheet that’s jam packed with a ton of simple and actionable tricks you can implement immediately to boost your rankings with video...

No Dulpicate on Your Website

Nobody likes their content being stolen and produced or published by others. Search engines penalize such wrong-doers heavily. So why take risks when such pages, even your site can be removed from Google  Search Engine Result Page.

Major SEO 2016 Predictions

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an ever evolving practice. Experts make predictions for coming year according to their understanding and exposure to practical analysis. Here I am listing some major SEO predictions for 2016 ...

Ultimate Landing Page Experience

Building quality landing page that has great content, logical organization and user-friendly design will decide success of your business. A landing page ↵ with clearly explained offer, well defined call to action and uncluttered design ensure best conversion.

Neeraj Kumar, an Expert Internet Marketing Professional certified in Google Adwords, Analytics and Hubspot Inbound Marketing. I am working for +5 years in the area of ♦Google Adwords, ♦Facebook Advertising, ♦Social Media ♦Search Engine Optimization.

I help Small & Medium Businesses to Start, Implement and Analyze Internet Marketing Projects. You can also contact me for short term Strategic Internet Marketing Projects  which include all facets of Digital/ Internet Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertisement, Email Marketing, Social Media...

I am Socially Active on Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn. Be a FRIEND wherever you want... 

Adwords Account Management

Do you in the role of the Owner of a Business or a startup really have time for Adwords Account Management? Is there any defined timeframe for managing keywords, ad copies or bid

Quality Score in Adwords

We need to ensure that the users who click on the adwords ads are genuinely searching for the product or service what we are advertising. For this, frequent study of quality score is proved to be very useful.

Keywords for Adwords

Do You Know What Is Keyword Match Types? Do You Use Match Types In Your Google Adwords Campaigns? You should know and should use Google Adwords' Keyword Match Types extensively to get high conversions at low Cost Per Click.

Explore eMarketing Opportunities for Your Business

Let's Start Discussion on Internet Marketing Scope of YOUR BUSINESS That Can Be Agreeable For You and Can Be Manageable by Me.

 An Internet Marketing Expert based at Faridabad (ME)

to help small and medium businesses with

Personalized Professional e-Marketing Solutions. 

Internet Marketing empowers a business with huge opportunities of branding and marketing in a short span of time.

If planned and developed keeping in view the business needs, an e-marketing campaign based on a website can

deliver the results what is not possible with traditional marketing strategies.

However, for a small or medium business, e-marketing seems a distant dream due to limited budget

and scarcity of time to invest in such marketing and branding work.

We are on a mission to turn every website into business generation e-marketing platform.

Help Me to Help You Grow

Being a new-comer I understand that a growing business cannot go for all out e-marketing campaign initially. Businesses need time to believe in the scope of marketing via internet or other digital mediums. Let's start now and GROW TOGETHER.