Introducing Neeraj Kumar, Internet Marketing Consultant, Delhi NCR

I am Neeraj Kumar based in Faridabad providing Internet Marketing Services to Small & Medium Businesses of Delhi NCR. I have 5+ years’ knowledge of Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Inbound by Hubspot™.

I help Small & Medium Businesses to Start, Implement and Analyze Google Adwords Campaigns.

My main focus remains on providing Personalized & Professional Internet Marketing Services which is affordable to SMEs. You can contact me for 3-6 months strategic Internet Marketing Campaigns.

As an Internet Marketing Consultant, I have been working for 5 years in the area of

  • Google Adwords,
  • Facebook Advertising,
  • Social Media and
  • Search Engine Optimization.

Since April 2015, I started providing Internet Marketing Services as a freelancer. I offer affordable and personalized SEO, SMO and PPC solutions.


My journey from Neeraj Kumar to Kumar Neeraj Kayastha (knkayastha derived from this) is of almost 10 years old. Introduced to email in 2001, my curiosity towards the modalities and technicalities of the Internet started to increase day by day. 

Because there was no availability of my name Neeraj or Neeraj Kumar on any email or other forums, I started to write my name as KNKAYASTHA, the short form of Kumar Neeraj Kayastha, created all email ids and profiles as knkayastha. This way I have done my personal branding as KNKAYASTHA. 

Then, with the intent to establish my unique identity on Internet as knkayastha in the online world, I tried many different theories and methods published by several veterans. What I learned in all these years are from reading tips and tricks of website optimization and online marketing on the Internet.

I created Neeraj-Hriday (Lotus Heart of a Hindi Poet), a blog of short hindi poems on Blogger and did all of nuisances for designing, editing the html codes, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Social Media Promotions to make my blog popular. In a short span of time, I learned the basics of Internet Marketing to my blog popular. I have a strong online relationship with Hindi bloggers on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Journey towards an Internet Marketing Consultant

Then my career shifted from a Textile Engineer to an Online Marketing Professional. I got an invitation to manage social media of Corporate Professionals, South Extension, New Delhi. I had been working for 3 years as Strategist- Social Media for that firm.

Besides managing Social Media accounts, I were a part of the in-house website development team. We developed and SEOed many sites -,,, etc. I was also coordinating with various Google Adwords Agencies such as PensaMedia, IndiaBizSource etc.

In 2014, I joined the Delhi School of Internet Marketing, New Delhi to fine-tune my knowledge of internet marketing and successfully completed Advance Digital Marketing Course of DSIM. I also got Certifications of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Then I studied Inbound Marketing of Hubspot Academy and got certified in the first attempt.

I am a self-made Internet Marketing Professional addicted to social media platforms, a blogger, a Hindi Poet by Hobby and a social thinker.

My Mission to help all with Total Website Marketing Planning

KNKAYASTHA iADVERTISING is my dream concept for providing Total Internet Marketing Solutions to Small Businesses. Through this initiative, I aim to introduce Total Website Marketing to business owners or professionals with limited resources through affordable website management, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Planning, Online Advertisement.

I am determined to be an Internet Marketing Consultant who guides small businesses to plan and to make an affordable website. Every website can be a business asset with optimized use of Social Media and Online Advertising.

Working as an Internet Marketing Consultant, I have created this Internet Marketing Blog. I want every business in India to know the basics and believe in Internet Marketing Methods. That no Internet Marketing Consultant can cheat or dupe them of their hard earned money. I also want that the online marketing community be aware of changes and updates of the rules of Internet Marketing.

All-in-One Internet Marketing Services

Right Mix of Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing...

All in Rs. 5000 Per Month

  1. Analysis of Internet Marketing Needs of a Business
  2. Deciding Goals for the Project
  3. Basic Set-up: Google Analysis and Search Console
  4. On-page SEO and Local Search Optimization
  5. Social Media Profile Creation, Optimization and Postings
  6. Content Creation and Postings
  7. Basic Link Building Activities
  8. Online Advertisement- Adwords, Facebook etc.
  9. Growth-Hacking Activities, if possible

Which Internet Marketing Services should You Go For Your Business Growth?

Right Mix of Internet Marketing Services- Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Content Marketing- can do wonders for the growth of a business.

Every Business, be it small or big in size, infant or grown-up or first of its kind or common type must use Internet Marketing for its branding and business promotion.

As a business owner, you should opt for an all-in-one internet marketing service with the help of an experienced professional. At least, discuss the opportunities of your business with an internet marketing expert. It will give you an idea what will provide best possible RoI in the long run.

As your Internet Marketing Consultant, I will evaluate the needs of your business using best available options for analysis and execution. Then I make an exclusive plan with defined goals for short and medium term growth of your business. Investing time in "analyzing the growth prospect" and "planning the timeline" with the business owner is the foundation of my service.

Then we will decide a mix of Internet Marketing Strategies. The Internet Marketing Mix depends on the type and age of business, its location of functioning, its buyer profile, the available resources and its goal. The internet marketing mix will include (some or all)

  • Basic Search Engine Optimization,
  • Social Media Optimization,
  • Pay Per Click Advertisement,
  • Email Marketing,
  • SMS marketing,
  • Content Development etc.

As the marketing needs of all businesses are different, the cost will vary according to strategies and the duration of the project. It is fixed after the initial audit of the business. Overall cost of the project will be divided in two equal parts-

  1. The cost of paid marketing activities, and
  2. The Professional Fee.
So I welcome you to discuss the Growth Plan of Your Business Now.

Adwords Services : End To End Campaign Management & Solutions

¥ Certified Adwords Consultant @10% Professional Fee ¥ 

Google Adwords is the BEST Internet Advertising Solutions to Generate Business Leads. Instantly.

Success of a Campaigns depends on Regular and Effective Adwords Management backed by Experiences and Practices.

As an Adwords Service Provider, I always put extra efforts to do research and understand your business and target customers.

Ask for Details – Services & Fee

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My Adwords Services depend upon the need of your business

  1. Building new campaigns from scratch 
  2. Restructuring existing Adwords campaigns 
  3. 24x7 Campaign Management for Qualified Traffic, More Traffic and Higher Returns.

Any of these services will be provided for 10% Monthly Professional Fee.

To Hit the Goal, I maintain your account with

  • Constant Keywords' Optimization
  • Regular Experiments with Ad Text
  • Landing Page Analysis and Optimization
  • Proper Use of Ad Extensions and CTA
  • CPC & Quality Score Management

(Simple Adwords Solutions for Your Business)
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Greenfield Colony
Haryana, 121003, India

Basic Understanding of Google Adwords Makes You Smarter as a Business Owner, Helps You Deciding The Types of Ads Your Business Needs.

Online advertising is one of the most effective ways for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach, find new customers, and boost their revenue streams. Online advertising is a marketing strategy that involves the use of the Internet to obtain targeted website traffic and deliver paid marketing messages to the right customers.

Google Adwords is a system of Internet Advertisement where we can create, experiment, manage and analyse online ads to promote our business and/or brand. Basically Google Adwords helps in running Search Ads and Display Ads which can be in forms of text, image and video and other rich media formats.

Search Ads run on Google and Search Partners. When a person in need search for a product or a service, the search engines serves him with qualified ads.

Display Ads are placed on a vast network of associated websites. These display ads may be largely in forms of text, image or video.

Google Adwords provides several payment calculation methods. CPC or Cost Per Click, CPV or Cost Per View and CPM or Cost Per Thousand Impressions are the major payment calculation methods.

Cost Per Click (CPC) means that the advertiser pays Adwords when a user click on his ad. This is popularly known as PPC. Advertiser can decide and fix the maximum payable amount for a click on his ads.

Cost Per View (CPV) is basically used in Video ads. Advertiser has to pay Adwords when a user view his video ad. 

Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) is used in Display Advertisement. This cost is calculated on the basis of 1000 impressions of an ad.

Broad Match Keywords are the keywords without any rules. You put the business terms and set a CPC. Google will include variant terms of your keyword, including misspellings, synonyms, similar searches, and more. The keyword will be put as adwords consultant.

Broad Match Modifier is similar to Broad Match. It ensures that the main words of the keywords are not left out. Your keywords can still appear in users search in any order but all +ed words should be in the long tail keywords. These will be added as +adwords +consultant.

Phrase Match Keywords allow Google Adwords to include only some variations in terms and restrict the appearance of ads for your targeted long tail keywords. There may be other words in the search term but the order of words of the keyword cannot change. These will be added as “adwords consultant.

Exact Match is the best option to appear for your most profitable keywords if you know the keywords users are finding your site from search and convert. The keyword a user uses must match up EXACTLY with the keyword you targeted in order to appear. These will be added as [adwords consultant] etc..

Use Negative Match Keywords if you want your ads to not appear for some words which Adwords system may think are related to your keywords. Generally the words such as job, vacancy, salary, opening, how to, what is are not part of business keywords, so we should add them as negative keywords in the campaign. These will be added as –words: -job, -salary, -how –to etc.

Google Adwords Management is most critical key to Successful Adwords Performance. You need to monitor performance of every ad groups, individual ads and keywords. You need to check ‘Search Term’, ‘User Engagement’, ‘Hour of Day’ reports etc. And make changes in settings, bids, budgets, rewrite or add ad-copies and keywords.

Regular Campaign Management is necessary because

  • Adwords console is updated regularly with latest advancements- for performance boost and need of advertisers.
  • The number of competitors of every business is growing day-by-day starting Google Adwords campaigns.
  • The competitors are changing their pay per click (PPC) strategies for betterment of their ads performance.

If you want to know the other side of my personality, do watch the video below…